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Life Saver Pool Fences

Craig and Anne Smith moved to the Las Vegas valley in 1991. After working for different employers, decided to buy a successful cleaning business. While still running the cleaning business, Craig was informed by a family member of an opening for a Life Saver Pool Fence distributorship available in Las Vegas. So in 2006 Life Saver Pool Fence of Nevada was formed. Craig was trained in every aspect of the job by Steven Berger owner of Life Saver Pool Fences of New York and also Vice-President of Life Saver Pool Fence Systems Incorporated. Craig does all the estimates and still does all his own installations (with a little help). So if you are looking for the highest quality Pool Fence on the market with a professional install, call Life Saver Pool Fences of Nevada.

Life Saver Pool Fences Inc.

Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc. has been Keeping Little Feet on Solid Ground for over a quarter century. A family owned and operated company based in Delray Beach, FL, Life Saver products are proudly manufactured in the USA and distributed to Life Saver Distributors located in most major cities throughout the US, and also around the globe in over 15 countries spanning five continents. Life Saver has two fully stocked and operational shipping facilities, one in Florida and one in California, offering Life Saver Distributors and customers vastly reduced shipping times, no matter where they are in the country.

In 2011, Life Saver, one of the country’s top three biggest pool fence companies, absorbed Pool Barrier, possibly the country’s fourth largest, in what was the first ever major consolidation in the history of the industry, arguably making Life Saver the largest pool fence company in the world. That same year, Life Saver also acquired the specialty boutique brand, Pool Fence Pro, which brought quality pool fencing to pool industry professionals.

With these acquisitions, Life Saver Systems, Inc. produces five distinct pool fence brands, offering consumer’s unparalleled choice: Life Saver Pool Fence, Pool Barrier, Pool Corral, Pool Fence Pro, and Pool Fence DIY. Life Saver is deeply involved in pool safety beyond just distributing pool fencing. Life Saver is the only pool fence company recognized by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Pool Safely Campaign as a Safety Leader, an extremely high honor bestowed only to organizations making a serious contribution to pool safety efforts nationwide. Life Saver is also a partner of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. In addition, Life Saver’s President, Eric Lupton, personally owns and manages Facebook’s largest Facebook page dedicated to child drowning prevention, called Pool Safety for Children, which boasts over 15,000 active followers.