Pool Fence


Life Saver’s pool fence is a removable mesh pool fence designed specifically to provide a barrier around residential swimming pools for toddlers and young children. The fence is installed in sections to provide convenience for easy removal and reinstallation by you, the homeowner. Available in 42, 48, or 60 inch heights. We can also create custom heights for dogs.

The System

Our tension based system utilizes a series of 15 foot sections of fence with inserts for mounting in non-conducting polypropylene sleeves core drilled 4 inches deep into a concrete deck or other substantial surface, connected in series at the top with 2 1/2 inch nickel-plated brass safety latches with stainless springs. What does this mean to you? The fence remains sturdy by tension supplied from our brand new solid reinforced aluminum poles that slip into your deck. Pool fencing can be installed in almost any type of deck. If you have questions, let us know.

Lifetime Warranty

Life Saver Pool Fence has a Lifetime Warranty on every part of the pool fence against any manufacturer’s defect. No legitimate warranty claim has ever been denied. In the unlikely event that you have any problem for as long as you own your pool fence, we guarantee your complete satisfaction. And since we’ve been in business for over two decades, you can be assured that we’ll be around to help you years down the road. Be sure your pool fence has a Lifetime Warranty. Life Time: For as long as the original owner uses this fence.

Textilene Mesh

Textilene mesh provides a non-climbable surface. With a tensile strength rating of over 270 lbs per square inch. Children are not able to get a foot hold. These foot holds are present in barrier fences such as chain link or tornado fencing. The dark edges surrounding the mesh are nylon borders. If a child were to grab the border it is flexible enough so that the child will just droop back to the ground. The memory fabric will then pull tight again.


Support Poles

Poles are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and can come in either black powder coated, brown powder coated, white powder coated, green powder coated, tan powder coated, or our new Copper vein brown or black. Independent testing in the United States and France have shown our Solid Core aluminum poles to offer far more strength than is required by strict local ordinances around the world. Pole spacing is optional at either 30 or 36 inches. Be sure your pool fence has Solid Core Poles.

Round head stainless steel screws are utilized for securely attaching the aluminum cove molding to the poles and mesh. Round screws are less likely than hexagon shaped screws to cause abrasions. Be sure your pool fence has round screws.

Standard sections supplied are 15 feet making it easy for you to remove and reinstall the fence. A standard section weighs only 14 lbs. The poles’ surfaces are finished for handling and to prevent injuries from physical contact, and all poles are capped to provide a neat finished appearance. Each aluminum cove molding strip is rounded down. Be sure your pool fence has no sharp parts.
All the colors of our poles are powder coated. This makes them fade, scratch, chip, and peel resistant. Living up to a highest standard of fencing.

Copper VeinSolid-Poles(2)

Self-Closing, Self Latching Gate
Easy to use. Convenient and Safe. Attractive.

Life Saver’s self-closing, self-latching gate utilizes a square or arched frame that can support itself with or without the pool fence. It is totally removable or it can be permanently anchored. The gate is constructed of 1¼” aluminum square stock with a strong 1/8” wall. The welded finished product is powder coated in brown, black, white, green, or tan with your choice of brown, black, white, or green Textilene™ mesh – the strongest available. Mix and match color combinations on the frame, mesh, and border to suit your personal taste while still maintaining the highest level of safety.

We are now offering an aesthetic upgrade EXCLUSIVE to Life Saver Pool Fence: the Arch Top Safety Gate. This gate has a unique arched top, making it beautiful and elegant. The welds are unbreakable and have full square aluminum tube components. You’re going to love how the added convenience, the improved security, and the look of this gate offered only by Life Saver enhances your pool safety fence.


  • Strongest 1-1/4″ heavy gauge aluminum
  • Attractive arch with full molding support
  • Most reliable full double truss system
  • Easy Removal using adjustable locking plate
  • More options with left or right side entries
  • Proven and tested latching and closing system
  • Key lockable Latching System

Ultra-Reliable Latching System.

latchThe Life Saver Self-Closing gate uses only the most proven latch and hinge system. The Magna-Latch has been tested to more than 400,000 cycles. MAGNA-LATCH gate latches are magnetically triggered safety devices that have revolutionized the safety, reliability and child-resistance of swimming pool, childcare and household gates. The unique operating principle is brilliantly simple. As the gate swings shut, a powerful ‘permanent’ magnet draws a latch bolt from one housing into the other, latching it securely. No amount of shaking, pushing or pulling can disengage the latch. The concept is so advanced it boasts international awards for design excellence. The latch has been designed to meet strict international safety codes, including all codes relating to swimming pool gate safety. The dangerous problem of a gate “resting on the latching mechanism”, appearing to be latched, is eliminated when using MAGNA-LATCH. The quiet and reliable latching action means MAGNA-LATCH incurs no mechanical resistance to closure, and so suffers none of the sticking, jamming and sagging problems associated with ‘mechanical’ gate latches.

The Mesh

kidpushingonmeshLife Saver pool fence is constructed with Textilene® polyester mesh fabric utilizing a mildew resistant polyvinyl coating that provides years of use in the harshest sunlight and the extreme heat of the Las Vegas summers. It’s woven with a continuous basket weave that boasts an incredible tensile strength rating of 270 lbs. per inch making it impossible to rip under normal use. The mesh comes in black, brown, white, beige, or green. Bordered on all four sides by a reinforced vinyl material with a rating of 387 lbs., the fence is kept from sagging and the necessary tension is maintained throughout at the top and bottom. The border can be considered the most critical part of the pool fence. All border is Quad Stitched with the strongest marine thread to allow for years of abuse from direct sunlight and the elements. Be sure your pool fence has four stitches in the border.

The finished mesh is boarded then securely mounted on our solid core aluminum poles and reinforced with aluminum cove molding strips attached to each pole.
The mesh comes in a variety of flavors to accommodate different tastes. We even can mix and match mesh color and border colors to custom blend with an individual’s backyard.


The Locks

asomthing 017Safety Snap Latch:
If you want the highest quality Latch on the market trust Life Saver Pool Fence, the Snap Safety Latch, is a break-through in high quality pool fencing. This awesome latch is nickel-plated with a stainless steel spring, guaranteeing that it will never rust, corrode, tarnish, or deteriorate in any fashion. As with all parts of the Life Saver Pool Fence, the Snap Safety Latch is covered by our Lifetime Warranty. The Snap Safety Latch is the first pool fence latch that can be used by both right and left-handed parents. There are no sharp hooks or points to hurt you or your child. It’s the safest latching system anywhere. Be sure your pool fence has a nickel-plated Snap Safety Latch. This latch is standard and there is no additional charge.

Perma-Latch Clip:
The highest level of security can be found in the Perma-Latch Clip. A stainless steel clip that requires a tool to open. The Perma-Latch Clip exceeds the requirements for nearly all codes and laws, including Nevada’s newest revisions. The Perma-Latch Clip is usually used in conjunction with a Self-Closing, Self-Latching Gate. The Perm-Latch Clip can be removed in the future for faster un-installing. There is an additional charge for this clip.
Our nickel-plated latch will never rot, rust, corrode, tarnish, or deteriorate in any fashion.