Pool Gate Installation Service In Las Vegas And Its Surrounding Cities

Installing a self-closing, self-latching pool gate in your Las Vegas backyard pool provides an important layer of protection against potential accidents and helps keep small children and pets safe around the pool.

Pool gates are designed in such a way that they can not be opened by young children but are easy to use for adults. They also provide an access point to your pool and they keep the pool area closed off (as opposed to manually removing or pulling back a section of fence to enter).

Here are two reasons why every swimming pool in Nevada should have a pool safety gate:

  1. A pool gate helps keep unauthorized people out of the pool area. It’s a physical barrier to entry. Pairing this with pool alarms will add another layer of protection.
  2. Pool fence gates (in tandem with pool fencing) are especially important if you have infants, toddlers, or pets in the home who could try to wander into the pool area unsupervised.

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Life Saver Pool Fence Gate Options

We provide two design options. Both are extremely safe.

Arched Style Pool Gate (radius Curved Top)

Life Saver Pool Fence of Nevada is proud to offer the strongest pool fences with a self-closing and self-latching pool gate option. Our elegant Arched gates are popularly known as a double pole truss gate (curved 1 ¼ heavy gauge aluminum) — it’s not only strong but also durable!

The durability and safety features of our pool gates make them perfect for any family. They have an adjustable double weld plate which allows you to remove it with ease, eliminating breakage worries in comparison to other models on the market today!

This pool gate is perfect for parents who want to ensure their children (and pets) will be safe at all times while the pool is in use. The aluminum frame and latch height are both 1 ¼" which ensures that it can fit any opening between 54" - 58".

Being safe at all times when near Las Vegas pools means also keeping your pool gate up when many pools go unused throughout local winter season. Although they are convenient to take down if you have a party (for adults), we do suggest keeping them up at all times.

We can customize your pool fence gate in the following “powder coated” colors:

  • black
  • white
  • tan
  • green
  • brown
  • copper vein

The fencing around our pools is not just for decoration. It's there to keep you and your children safe. Automatic closing features ensure that if the gate is left open accidentally by an older child, teen or an adult, it will self-close!

Homeowners, did you know a pool gate also makes a home more sellable and it is an asset to have on your property to prospective buyers? Buyers in Nevada’s real estate market want homes with safety features like this! Especially, during the summer months when temperatures can reach over 110 degrees!!! They need safe access to a pool.

The presence of a pool gate around your home is not only to keep out unwanted guests but also serves as an aesthetic accent that can add value and beauty when situated by landscaping. Most of all, it will help keep your young children and pets where they belong — away from the pool, on solid ground!

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Square Pool Gates

The “clean” square design of our pool gates provides more protection for parents who are supervising their kids. It’s attractive while protecting young children from having direct, open access to the dangers of your pool! It’s a great option to consider.

Our pool gates are designed with safety in mind. Both have different aesthetic appeal, however they both do a great job when it comes to safety! They're enclosed on all four sides and prevent any opening large enough for kids to get stuck or climb over when they attempt to do so, making it impossible!

It’s easy to install and features a self-latching mechanism that makes sure your little ones don't slip through the cracks and try to open on their own. The sturdy aluminum gate is designed to prevent children from opening.

The sleek and strong aluminum gate is a great way to keep your poolside safe. With its sturdy design, ensures your child is safe, so you don’t have to constantly worry about their safety while you’re enjoying your pool. Even though you’ll still worry as a parent. At least you have relief in knowing they won’t enter your poolside unattended.

The self-closing, latching pool gate is perfect for pools with children. It can be temporarily or permanently installed and features a durable construction made of 1¼" aluminum square stock that’s strong enough to keep your little ones safe from harm! It also has walls that have ⅛ of aluminum for an extra boost of strength.

You can stay cool and enjoy the outdoors this summer (and beyond) with our Life Saver pool gates. Our MAGNA LATCH self-closing gate is a tested hinge system that withstands over 400,000 cycles!

It's a relief to know that your children are safe around the pool. And, your neighbors and guests' children! It can be hard enough explaining water safety, but now there is no need for worry when your pool is childproofed!

Why Are Self Closing Self Latching Gates the Safest Solution?

Award winning design standards. The Self Closing & Latching Pool Gates are the safest gates because they self-close and latch, keeping children locked out. They are also made with unclimbable textilene mesh, the strongest in the industry. The welds are unbreakable and they use the most proven latch and hinge system. They have been designed with strict international awards-winning design standards, including those relating specifically for swimming pools!

Transparency means visibility! The transparent design allows you maximum visibility without blocking any sunbathing privileges. As a parent, you want to have a clear line of site to your children or pets outside at all times!

We measure twice and cut once as our philosophy! And best yet? We offer premium pool gate installation services in Nevada so your gate and pool fence fits perfectly and lasts for years to come. When it fits right, its safer.

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