Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Fencing & Pool Gate In Las Vegas And Its Surrounding Cities

Can my kids climb over the pool fence?
No. The mesh pool fence is designed so that kids are not able to gain traction on the fence. Since there is no foothold on the fence, it is very unlikely that children would be able to climb over it.
Will my child or pets be able to knock the pool fence down?
No, they will not. Our fences are the strongest, most sturdy you can find and our Premium fence has poles that are triple reinforced solid core! They will not break or bend. In addition, our mesh cannot be climbed.
How long will my pool fence last?
Our pool fences are designed to offer you decades of protection. Strong and weather-resistant, our durable materials will not rust or peel like other less expensive fences on the market!
How high should my pool fence be in Nevada? What are the pool fence requirements in Las Vegas?
It is code in Nevada to have a 4 ft high fence as long as it is a secondary fence with a self-closing self-latching gate. If there is no fence around your house (perimeter) then your pool fence needs to be 5ft in height. Pool safety fences are available in different heights depending on your needs.
How safe is a Life Saver mesh pool fence?
Our pool fences are the safest and the strongest in the industry. We are happy to discuss all of the safety features of our fencing when you call.
Will my pets be able climb over the pool fence?
No. The mesh pool fence is designed so that pets (and children!) are not able to grip or grab a hold of the mesh fencing material with their claws (or hands) , which would make it impossible for them to climb over.
What type of surface works best for pool fence installation?
Whether you want a safety fence for your pool or backyard, we have the perfect solution. Our sturdy and durable mesh fences can be installed on virtually any surface including grassland concrete, wood, deck, sand, dirt, and more!
Which pool gate is right for you?
We recommend our matching Life Saver gates. Life Saver’s self-closing and self-latching pool gates can offer both safety and style (arched or flat top). They truly look great! When it comes to safety, nothing protects little ones more than a Life Saver gate.
Why should I install a self-locking and self-closing pool gate?
The self-closing, self-latching gate guarantees your gate will be shut at all times when not in use. The gate cannot be left open because it is designed to close on its own. No child can open the gates we install or reach through them.
How long will my pool fence last?
Our pool fences will last for many years. We offer an industry-leading lifetime warranty on all of our products (fences and gates), so you can always feel confident that your investment is protected!
Do you offer discounts?
We do offer a 5% discount for first responders and Military personnel.